Our story

Hi there  and Welcome to A Couple of Photographers website. I'm Carolyn, one half of A Couple, and the other half is Tony.

A husband and wife team who take on every task together, we are Portrait Photographers based in South Africa. But we also travel - A LOT.  When we aren't around in South Africa we can be found in Uganda..., or Singapore..., or New Zealand.

Enjoy viewing our latest work and getting a little peak into our life. To find out more about us, our style and THE PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE you can skip over to the main website for more information


Your Story

How many really great images do you have of yourself? Of your partner, your parents, your children, your siblings? How many times is there someone missing from family portraits because they were the photographer? How many times was that you?

Getting a professional photographer allows you to relax and immerse yourself into some fun time. Come alone and feel gorgeous and pampered.  Or share it with the favourite people in your life - and yes, pets are people too.

Whichever you choose, you will leave with some stunning images and great memories that you will treasure forever.    

It's all about YOU for the duration. 

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